To get an impression here we are. A quick resume of each of us:




Languages: English/Spanish

He is the contact person of the surf school, always organizing, talking and greeting with a big smile on his face.

His didactic abilities, his pleasant character and not at least his patience make him the perfect surf teacher for your introduction into the world of surfing. It’s not important if it’s your first time surfing or if you already surfed before and you want to improve your positioning, paddling and your technique and you want to get more confidence.

>Head of the Surf School

>Surf- and Bodyboard national teacher Level I

>Officially recognized teacher title “Técnico superior en animación de actividades físicas y deportivas”

>Graphic designer





Languages: English/Spanish
One Waterman up to every trick. He can ride any kind of wave, dosn’t matter if it’s with a longboard, bodyboard or stand up paddle.

Oswaldos brother and co-founder of the surf school. Isaac is one of the locals of the beach La Cicer. He was known for his talent since he was a child and has now a remarkable and long career in relation to his experience as a surfer and his titles.

>Member of the “Federación Española” jury and organizer of several local bodyboard competitions

>Stand up Paddle Teacher

>Surf- und Bodyboard national teacher level I

>Stand Up Paddle national teacher level I

>Under water cameraman and audio visual media designer


Languages: English/Spanish

He is a born teacher. Jonay has already been teaching different sport disciplines and worked as a Tenis teacher before. He always knows how to motivate you and is a positive person all through. Now he is taking care of the acvitvities and excercises for tecnification of the surfers, taking place in Brisa Center.

>Qualified Sports Instructor

>Técnico superior en actividades físico deportivas

>Titulado por la Federación Canaria de Surf

>Surf lifesaver





Languages: English/Spanish

He has been longboarder his whole life so you will see him riding waves with his longboard in his free time at Los Muellitos. His long surf experience is being reflecfted by his appearance.

The probably best words to describe Airam are “big heart”. Always when you are feeling down because of any motivation problem, he will infect you with his good mood and humour so you get ready to try making progress again pretty fast.

>Surf teacher

>Sport teacher

>Surf lifesaver